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About Nat

Award winning Coffee

Nat's story

Nat’s Coffee started back in 1998 as a school project that soon became a real life dream when the young Nat Byron decided to take his crazy business plan and embark on a new venture. The dream began to take shape soon after Nat bought his first coffee roaster and dry milling huller. These machines had to travel all the way from Athens, Greece, where a crafty roaster-builder had hand made them for Nat. Since those early days, Nat has learned every attribute of his trade the hard way, by being hands on in every part of the coffee industry. From farms growing his own organic beans through to harvesting, processing, roasting, operating and repairing coffee machines and even barista art, there is nothing Nat doesn’t know in coffee.
Nat’s Coffee and the team strive to supply the Australian café industry with coffee and café supplies of the highest standard possible. Cafes that use the Nat’s Coffee brand can be confident of having our full support and have the privilege of being backed by Nat Byron’s passion for the industry. This passion will take any café to the level of success they have dreamed of because when you use our coffee, you become a part of the Nat’s Coffee team and we are all here to working together to achieve amazing heights.