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The Byron Organic Plantation is located in the beautiful Byron hinterland. This single origin bean has a slightly earthy flavour with chocolate overtones, finishing with gentle honey notes. BOP won the gold medal in the Golden Bean Awards in 2013 & 2014.

Batch 1

A Columbian based blend. This coffee will appeal to all palates. It is a very smooth and well balanced milk coffee with great acidity and a delicate flavour. This blend has won a silver medal in the Golden Bean award 2014.


This new blend is for the café that is looking for a distinct flavour. Pramana is a versatile coffee in that it’s great in both milk and espresso. This is a very sweet coffee that’s well balanced with hints of fruity spiciness in the flavour.

Sammy's Blend

This is a bold coffee with a balanced flavour that really cuts through the milk! The ultimate robust coffee without the after taste generally associated with such blends. This secret blend has won a silver medal at the Golden Bean Award 2014.

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Our Story

Nat’s Coffee started back in 1998 as a school project that soon became a real life dream when the young Nat Byron decided to take his crazy business plan and embark on a new venture. The dream began to take shape soon after Nat bought his first coffee roaster and dry milling huller. These machines had to travel all the way from Athens, Greece, where a crafty roaster-builder had hand made them for Nat. Since those early days, Nat has learned every attribute of his trade the hard way, by being hands on in every part of the coffee industry. From farms growing his own organic beans through to harvesting, processing, roasting, operating and repairing coffee machines and even barista art, there is nothing Nat doesn’t know in coffee.
Nat’s Coffee and the team strive to supply the Australian café industry with coffee and café supplies of the highest standard possible. Cafes that use the Nat’s Coffee brand can be confident of having our full support and have the privilege of being backed by Nat Byron’s passion for the industry. This passion will take any café to the level of success they have dreamed of because when you use our coffee, you become a part of the Nat’s Coffee team and we are all here to working together to achieve amazing heights.


Nat's Chocolate

Nat’s organic range of chocolate powders are sugar free and come in two awesome blends.

Specialty Teas & Chai

Nat’s Coffee supplies its cafes with the chamellia range of teas and loose leaf chai.

Equipment Supplies

Nat’s Coffee by arrangement can supply you with high quality coffee machines to suit your application.


Nat’s Coffee has a full range of marketing merchandise, printed cups, umbrellas, barriers & signage.

Milk Alternatives

Nat’s Coffee can provide your café with a great new dairy milk alternative called “Milkadamia” made from local Australian macadamia nuts.

Nat's Coffee Roast House

All our customers are welcome to come and enjoy a coffee at the roast house and see the coffee being roasted.

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